Our specialised research and engagement services recognise people as part of the solution

We help the people who are most vulnerable to basic needs and healthcare service delivery shortcomings by making the care they need easier to access, more effective and more inclusive. We do this by recognising that these people are best placed to identify both the problems and the solutions. 

Too often, their voices are disregarded by policy and decision makers, leading to a disconnect between service need and fulfilment. 

By leveraging the power and near ubiquity of mobile technology, we are able to provide access to underserved people with quality healthcare support, information and access in ways that work for them. 

Our approach is as respectful as it is effective. We partner with health organisations, research institutes, NGO’s and private sector companies to affect healthcare reform and solve the world’s biggest health challenges. Crucially, we invite communities to join us in finding answers.  

Health Intervention Services


We offer large-scale health interventions, research and support services.

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Customised community health intervention in high footfall transport hub, taxi ranks, bus depots and train stations

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