Opinion Articles

Spending most of our time listening to other people’s opinions has inspired us to form a few of our own. While we prefer listening to talking, we’ve learned from the best when it comes to expressing ourselves. 

Naturally, we have opinions on the key issues surrounding research, branding and consumers – and this is where we share them in the form of thought leadership pieces and blogs. 

They’re not intended to be the last word. Rather, we hope that they’ll be the catalyst for more conversations. 

Jumping through hoops: research gets agile. Undoubtedly, there is still a place for traditional large-scale, quantitative research. This is still the best way to gather the ‘Big Data’ that drives much of what we understand

Pillars of wisdom: laying the foundations of contemporary consumer research At OPINION #IMO, we specialise in delivering qualitative research solutions that reveal the emotions, attitudes and beliefs held by consumers and which can otherwise be

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