Get even closer to your consumers

Consumers are having conversations about your brand. Don’t you want to join in?

We’re an insights agency that helps you connect with your consumers and make better decisions based on their genuine, meaningful feedback.

By helping you listen to your audience, we can make you more effective at talking to them. By facilitating authentic interactions, we can increase your understanding of what people think and feel – and why. People aren’t just data points – they have emotions and biases. They form, hold and share opinions – and they’re vital to the success of your brand.

What we do


We provide consumer-centric mobile research services and engagement platforms that consumers can relate to. 

Consumer Research

We reach consumers who are willing to engage at key points as they commute, explore online or get to know more about your brand. We learn what makes them click – and what makes them turn off.  


Our access and insight to key populations throughout South Africa allow you to activate specialised campaigns, services, information and education projects that are localised to drive maximum participation. 

Consumer Insight Services

We offer the following consumer research services to suit your specific needs.


See it in action

It's all about the conversation

Using the right platform, asking the right questions, and paying attention to the answers are all vital. You’ll learn how consumer insights can drive informed, marketing decisions about products and campaigns.


Our Clients


Get your consumers involved in your decisions – it’s the best way to earn their loyalty.

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